Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Yet another Sarah Kay made up with the image I coloured from my class.Here is the link to Alisons Blog Messy Stamper. Alison is the lady who taught the class on Sunday anf great fun was had by all. The class was organised by Windmill crafts my local craft shop and it was great to be with other like minded people for 3 hours. Although rather jealous of some of the other ladies stash of copic pens!!!


  1. HI!! Your card looks lovely, I love those papers, the colours match very nicely. I'm so glad you enjoyed the class on Sunday - you are now officially a 'Copicaholic'!
    PS, please don't think I'm rude - who are you? you've no profile pic or name to give me a clue! Are you the lady with the pink pencil cases? LOL!
    Thanks for the link to my blog, too.
    Alison -x-

  2. cute card and I'm sure I recognise those papers. Are they the ones we all bought off qvc for a silly price before they realised their mistake? Dont you just love when they do that. I missed out on the kit they had on today that they thought was priced wrongly but I think a few craft telly peeps nebbed it

  3. Yes they are Sugarplum but I was sent them in my YDSWI stash so thought I would use them with these.

  4. Love your very pink blog!
    Your cards are lovely - I am a member of craft telly too - read your posts about copics earlier - I have just got a 1/4 kit and am on a sharp learning curve with them - thanks for your informative comments.
    Keep well

  5. Lovely cards and colouring in. Your Copic class sounds like fun - great to be able to go to these kind of things learn a bit more about the things we use for our card making.